Thursday, November 25, 2010


To give y'all an idea of the size of "Mr Pointy"  I've never had the courage to look at the needle so the nurse took a picture for me:)

I will probably regret this picture....

It has been one HELL of a day!. The doc (aka doc studying to be something specific) was a nice guy but he hurt me badly. Dude jabbed me 5 times before he eventually got the fluid to drain from my spine. And I felt  it acutely EACH time he put that needle into my spine and then moved it around and in and out. It feels like a continuous pinched nerve. But I actually think it was worse for my mother and it really didn't help when she started to freak out and get really pissy with the doctor. You really don't want to annoy someone who has a needle in your back. So most of the time I was distracted with trying to calm her down and reassure the doc. What a circus...

However this time I was impressed, the level of pain today was the same as when I had my first lp last year...but I handled it so much better. Last year I was wailing and hyperventilating, today I was very nervous before going in but during the procedure, despite the horrible pain, I was calm and managing quite well. Right now I'm hurting badly, it feels like someone has kicked me in the back and I'm really stiff and achy. In private hospitals they keep you over night when you've had a lumbar puncture and you can't move for six to eight hours. In a state hospital, they make you get up and walk after 15 minutes to make way for the next patient!.

The pressure was high this time- 28 ( normal pressure is 17) but not nearly as high as we thought it would be. I don't know what will happen now and won't until my next appointment.

Anyway I'm sore and my Mom has to help me up the stairs ( I'm a granny for a day!)



  1. Shame Stephi, I hope the soreness goes away soon! That is one monster of a needle :( I remember when Nick was a tiny kid he had to have a lumbar puncture, and it absolutely broke my moms heart seeing him in such pain, so I know what your mom must be going through (although difficult to deal with when you the one with a huge ass needle in your spine!) Thinking of you xxx

  2. And you know how my Mom can freak the freak out! I landed up feeling sorry for her even though I was the one in pain! Feel like I've been hit by a freight train today but I'll be fine. Thanks for the concern, love ya lots:) x

  3. Hmm. Needles. I've never been a fan of them so I know what you are talking about. I sure hope you're feeling better by now!!

  4. Yep. Mr Pointy and I have never been on friendly terms. I'm okay, still sore and the lower half of my back has turned blue- freaky!

  5. Oh Stephi, I'm so sorry you have to go through this pain and discomfort. Even though I have six tattoo's, I can't stand even the look of needles, esp. when they cause so much pain. Can you find some homeopathic Arnica cream or tablets? They help for bruising and pain. Email me if you need more details.

  6. Hey Wendy,

    I am planning to get a tattoo someday! Somehow I needle for that sounds more comforting than a needle going into your spine.

    I normally do use Arnica- both the cream and the tablets- I know that's it's best to use it straight away, but I forgot about it this time- I only remembered when I woke up this morning and saw the colour of my back!

    Thanks for stopping by! :)

  7. I wish for ONCE you could get someone that could get it right the FIRST time and not make you suffer like that. You are such a strong person - the more I read about what you constantly go through the more impressed and inspired I am. The fact that you get that needle shoved around in you then have to walk right out? You're amazing.

    Any news on the brain surgery? I suppose you might hear something about it at your next appointment?

    In the meantime - keep those wabbits close! :)

    Christine :)

  8. Christine- I am being getting a little tired of being a guinea pig for some eager beaver student. I actually thought this doctor was cute until he introduced me to Mr Pointy...

    I won't know about brain surgery until my next appointment. I am really not keen on this surgery as it is very invasive and runs a high chance of being infected so we'll see.