Sunday, November 7, 2010

I've found it! The perfect Christmas prezzie!

Aaaaaah! Japan!, I've held a life long fascination with this country- there are many reasons but the most prominent one would the stuff that they come up with. They will invent those things that are only in the back of the imaginations of some westerners and are normally found in sentences like, " I wish I had a ..'insert outlandish'.. object for... 'insert outlandish reason'....

Take this nifty little gadget- THE SHOUTING VASE.... it holds in your anger!!!!. Some days I think the best thing for me is to have a big screaming session, this will ensure I don't yell at anybody or take it out on my already frustrated pillow. But because I have always lived with people and lived in a town or city it's not entirely possible for me to go screeching my lungs out- not without someone calling the police...or worst the men in white. So I just hold my tongue. But with this great invention I could scream as loud as I want to into the mouth piece and because of the way it's designed it will come out the other side as a slight noise.

Isn't that just peachy? I could scream everything out and go on my merry way.

And I am being absolutely serious...

Unfortunately, there is no way I would be able to get my hands on this any time soon, so I guess my pillow- abuse will continue.

On the EXTREME off chance that someone actually would want to invest in something like this for themselves here is the link: Scream it out!

Happy screaming people!


  1. Wow, I've never seen anything like this before! :) I now live alone so I can scream as much as I want to! This kind of emotional outlet is important, I think. Sometimes I sing some songs from Japanese cartoons, and it certainly helps a lot. Maybe karaoke was invented because of this healing power of voicing thoughts. Interesting post, Stephi! :)

  2. Takashi- if you scream as much as you want to won't that freak your neighbours out a bit? I've done karoke before and I've just landed up in a fit of giggles!. I used to walk around my house shouting " I will not be down and out!!". Yup people need to let off some steam and scream!! :)

  3. lol! Thanks for posting this Stephi!! This is so excellent!! I honestly wish I had something like this when my husband and I argue (not that they're horrible fights - just stupid stuff) - but our house is right on top of our neighbor's house... so if I can here them clearly when they're talking - they can DEFINITELY hear when we're arguing! How funny would that be??? I can just picture it - my husband and I yelling at each other through these devices?!?!? Thanks for sharing this!!! I loved it!

  4. btw - this post reminded me of one I want to do myself (sort of similar...but... well - nothing can top this! lol) so thanks for the reminder... coming soon! :)

  5. Hey Christine!

    This device would be perfect for an argument! Not only does it catch the sound but the minute you two put these things on it'll probably look so hilarious that the argument will be forgotten!. Just look at the guy on the right- he cracks me up!

    When I lived in the US, I also lived in a house that was literally 2cm away from our neighbours on each side...and we heard EVERYTHING. Awkward! Luckily our house was very quiet.

    Looking forward to your next post:)

  6. lol! That is sooo true! The moment we were to put these up to our faces it WOULD end the argument!! ha ha!!! I know - the face on the guy just cracks me up too!! The girls doesn't even look like she's yelling - I mean - come on!! lol!

    btw - the post won't be funny like this - but it's about holiday gift ideas - ones that are helpful especially for those with depression - AND for those without too! :)

  7. That sounds like a great post! I see that you are a follower of Susan's blog so you might want to check out the book she reviewed.

    I'm actually serious about this thing. I have always planned to spend some time in Japan teaching English when I graduate university. And when I get there I think this is will be my first investment!

    Yep, the girl needs to put a little more action to it...she looks like she is drinking a beer!

  8. Hey Stephi -

    I actually JUST read that post on Susan's blog last night and added that book to my growing list of "books to buy"... that is definitely one that I'm very interested in reading - I completely agreed with what Susan had to say regarding the "Big Pharm" industry.

    Wow - Japan! I would love to live all over the world and experience new cultures... one day my husband and I would like to do so (well - at least travel to these places if anything).

    lol! I KNOW! The girl totally looks like she's drinking SOMETHING! Not a very good actress I'd say!

    I've been meaning to post my latest errr... POST but I keep reading everyone else's - my ADD of course... :)

  9. Well don't read my next post (it's really loooooong) until you've done YOUR post! I'm really curious now.

    Anatomy of an Epidemic is not out in South Africa yet, can't wait to read it. Love Susan, love her blog! :)