Friday, November 19, 2010

Funny Friday

It has been one of the busiest weeks I've had in ages. Full of  ups, downs, detours, breakthroughs and dead ends. But it has been  good and I am absolutely EXHAUSTED!. There has been a big change in my life and I now no longer have a choice but to get up  everyday and fight my depression. I now have someone else that depends on me. But I will write more about that this weekend.

One thing I learnt this week is how good laughing can be both physically and for the soul. No matter how bad your day has been it can be completely turned around my a good belly laugh. Now and then I would like to put things up on this blog that will make people laugh. Of course each person has a different sense of humor, but hopefully I will get a few people laughing will these videos. One of them and my friends and I in tears and we laughed for an hour straight!

And I apologise if my writing isn't up to scratch in this post...right now I am so tired I can barely see the screen!

* I did some googling on the swinging cat because I didn't want to put anything up of a cat hurt him/herself as being funny. Apparently it was a stunt made for a phone. All the stuff I read said the the cat was okay.


  1. Hi Stephi!

    Thank you for posting these clips - I can always use a good laugh! I couldn't stop laughing at the cat one (seeing as how I have two of them myself) - One of them is so graceful (the male) and my FEMALE cat has got to be the biggest KLUTZ ever - she constantly is cracking us up - I mean - aren't cats supposed to be graceful? lol Well - she definitely takes after her "mommy" - I ALWAYS trip on flat, dry surfaces!

    I'll be keeping an eye out on your upcoming news - I'm curious to see what you're talking about...


    P.S. - the car video was just IRRITATING - (I mean - I laughed of course) - but I SOOOO laughed at the guy that got out and FINALLY backed the car in for the chick! How HORRIBLE and annoying would that have been!?!? lol!!

  2. Hey Christine,

    I'm glad you enjoyed the videos. I really intended for anyone who saw them to have a good laugh. The cat one was the one that had my friend and I rolling. Cats are graceful 90% of the time...that's why it is even more hiliarious when they get it wrong!. I was a little worried about putting this video up because of the swinging cat- I hate to say it but that one got me laughing the most.

    As for the women drivers, yes it was annoying and a little stereotypical but it was still funny and the I would have done something like the women who takes nearly 5 minutes to park or roll my car and then hand the guy my handbag BEFORE I get out.

    Yep a lot has been happening- I am now an unofficial foster mother and I've had some massive breakthroughs I have A LOT to write about but I don't want to overblog. My Mom has been trying to encourage me to get more followers but I am still so flipping shy! I will get round to it though:). I need the support now more than ever.

    Thanks for reading and for your comments:)