Sunday, April 25, 2010

Shopping, sunshine and pizza...

I have just returned home from going out to dinner- it has been the most beautiful day here- one of those golden, crisp days, coupled with a tiny bit of shopping (broke students don't get to splurge!) and going to have pizza in the country has put me in a very serene and content mood.

But my it has left me so sleepy that twice, while editing all my looong posts, I found my head bobbing towards my laptop *yawn*.

Anyway I have broken it up into more managable peices- still long but at least you won't need glasses by the time you are finished.

I have also been wondering if maybe posting all this stuff first (girl gets nervous, girl goes crazy, girl is on antidepressants) hasn't made the blog look more well, depressingand, er, dark. I was so apprehensive about writing this (and still am) so I started in the best place I knew- the begining. Besides, depression, anxiety, breakdowns- for the most part ain't pretty. I won't sugar- coat anything on here and I've spent to long hiding it to only be honest while writing. Like I said in the begining, if I could just make one person feel like they are not all alone then I will be happy. I know what it is like to be alone in this and it truely is the most soul- destroying feeling.

Anyway happy weekend folks- I'm gonna let this sit for a while, I have no idea how to promote this blog- at least without feeling like a showoff!!


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