Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hope for the flowers..

*A tale- partly about life partly about revolution and lots about hope for adults and others (including caterpillars who can read)*

My Dad bought this book for my Mom before they got married in 1981. I find this rather surprising as my Dad is not a sentimental fellow and he generally avoids the mushy stuff like the plague. I wonder now if there was some law of attraction involved as this book- in a more serious light and without the cute drawings- would be a mirror for their marriage and the metamorphosis that would happen to my Mom. Their life together would not be easy.

The message that this book gives is what I hope will be the outcome for me with my
journey and it's the message that I want give on this blog: The road less travelled can be unsteady and frightening but can lead to some of the greatest adventures and discoveries, especially about yourself. And sometimes it takes a battle or a painfull metamorphosis to become the person you are meant to be. For many of us it takes being refined in a fire to discover that we are capable of things that we never thought possible

I was about nine when my mom first read this book to my sister and I. I think of the story as an unusual family heirloom. It's always been a huge comfort and inspiration to me. We lost the original book about ten years ago but ironically enough I found another copy again- during one of the most difficult times of my life- in a doctor's waiting room.

Anyway that's enough about the book. Please know that it is very difficult for me to write about my experience as the hurt is still very fresh. My story won't be very sensational ( at least I don't think) but that doesn't mean there isn't a lot of pain involved for me. And also apprehension- only my immediate family and two very close friends really know what is going on with me. It may not seem to be very advisable then, to air the whole blasted thing on cyberspace where all sorts of weird and wonderful people can read it.

I'm sensitive about it because there is a lot prejudice and a huge stigma involved in this subject. I may be afraid of the criticism right now, but I would like nothing more to blow the lid off of stereotypes there is and raise awareness about what is a very serious issue.

Since I've got most of the intros and pussy-footing over and done with, I think I have finally got up enough courage to share my story with whoever is willing to listen or read. Tomorrow is another day....

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