Sunday, February 6, 2011

An unexpected addition to the family

Something unexpected occurred this week. My parents rent a house on an apple farm about an hour outside the city. My Mom and I were returning from a funeral and as we turned into the entrance of the farm we saw a black tabby carrying a kitten in her mouth. At first I thought the kitten was dead because she was dragging on the ground. The tabby carried the kitten into the bushes at the base of the damn and sat staring at us. I then saw one of the farm managers was also watching them. When I got out of the car the tabby bolted up the damn wall leaving the kitten in bushes.

I felt so bad for scaring the mother off I got back into the car and meant to drive off, but the farm manager stopped me and said that he had heard I wanted a kitten and this was my chance to get onr for free. I reasoned that it was probably to early to take it from it's mother because she was still carrying it around. The farm manager then told me that if I didn't take the kitten it would be shot- that was their procedure with stray cats and dogs on the farm because they rent out their land to an organic chicken company who houses their chickens on the farm. I was furious and asked him if that was really necessary, couldn't he just round them up and take them to the animal welfare. He laughed and replied that no one had time for that. In the end I got him to reluctantly agree to send any cat or dog to me and I would take them to the welfare.

I got the kitten and after searching for it's mother on the damn for about an hour, eventually took it home. I think it may be a girl I'm not sure. She looks to be just under six weeks She spent all afternoon sleeping on my chest.That night I tried putting her in a basket to sleep but she kept squealing until I put her on my bed. Unless she runs off like her mother it looks as if this kitten will be staying with us.

Back when I had my rabbits the plan was to get a kitten and have the rabbits and the kitten grow up together. After my rabbits ran away I wasn't too keen on getting anything anymore. This baby has literally dropped into my lap. I have to admit it's a little strange. I still miss my little bunnies so much, even now, a month after Buttercup disappeared I still cry when I see reminders that she was here like the spot of paint she managed to bite off my cupboard, or where she slept or the ribbon she chewed on Christmas day. I still haven't forgiven my Dad for what he did, I haven't forgiven myself.

Having this kitten is just weird. She's not my Buttercup and this is going to sound mean, but I just don't feel like bonding with her. I'm taking really good care of her and she has attached herself to me- following me around, climbing into my bed when I am sleeping, chewing on my hair ( do cats even do that?! ). My Dad is not happy either and he has even started with the guilt trip thing AGAIN ("You chased her mother off, that's cruel") But it's not working this time and no one is taking any notice, as the farm manager said, if I hadn't taken her a bullet would have. I am still looking for the mother and the other kittens and I hope I find them before anyone else does, I don't actually trust them to bring any strays to me. I don't how those people can live with themselves.

Anyway here are some pictures of my new furry friend ( unfortunately I only have a Blackberry to take pics with at the moment so they are pretty crappy). I'm not going to name her until I've taken her to the vet to make sure she's healthy.

Spot the kitty!

In the car- those red marks on my neck are from her scratching me!


  1. Such a cutie. I hope things work out.

    I know what it's like to want to close your heart up after a hurt. I've done it, too. It can take a while before you're ready to open it up again. Do so on your own time frame.

    For now, just enjoy the snuggle.

  2. The spot the kitty photo is sure cute. My wife and I got a new kitty in December only ours is a tabby. We named him Brewsky.

  3. Thanks Robin, despite everything, I am caring for her as best I can, she is keeping me awake at night with her fascination with my hair!.

  4. Hey Snowbrush, I have seen a picture of Brewsky on your blog and he is so sweet. I have no idea what I will be naming this cat.

  5. Hi Stephi,
    This is a nice story. We never really know what is store for us, do we?

    I think that life is more or less dealing with things we didn't expect and can't control, so while you didn't plan to have this yet-to-be-named kitten land in your lap, she(?) did, and you seem to have taken up the challenge well. Looking forward to future updates!

  6. Stephi, I'm new to your blog, but I love the new kitty pictures! Sometimes you have to get to see their personality before you can name them. My kitties are both four years old now, but they're still my babies. I'm glad she found a good home with you.

  7. Thanks Depressed Reader, as you guessed I don't know much about cats ( I know lots about bunnies). She(?) was a very unexpected surprise I am still hoping I can find her mother and the other kittens before it is too late.

  8. Hi Jen and welcome!:) I have read your blog and have been really touched by what you have written. I would like to read your older posts when I get a quiet moment. I have a lot to learn from you.

    Unfortunately I am a bit of a dummy when it comes to cats- I have been doing a lot of research over the past few days but I am STILL not sure that she is female! It's good to know there a lots of bloggers with kitties out there:)

  9. Awwwwww, Stephi,
    I'm so happy for you and your baby. We can't compare relationships with others we've loved, they're not good, they're not bad, they just are different. Try not to beat yourself up for not bonding with your new darling baby. You'll bond in a way that will deepen the more time goes on. It's like when a mother has a new baby (human) and she doesn't feel that instant connection that other mother's experience. She's not a bad person, it just takes time to bond. What are you going to name her? I used to have a kitten that you read about "Tabitha" that used to sleep right next on my neck the way your baby is. I'm SO glad that you found each other. I hope you take lots and lots of pictures. And because she's so young, you're her new mommy.

  10. Hello Wendy!!! Yep so it looks as though I am part of the kitty club:)

    Right now I think it may be a girl but I am not sure. "She" is just had a good nibble on my ear and is now sleeping on my chest as I write this. I think it may take some time for me to bond with her because I am still so heartbroken for rabbits. But I am enjoying her...even though she keeps me up all night wanting to play! :)