Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dear New Zealand....

You are very much on my heart today as you deal with this terrible tragedy. The overwhelming beauty of your country and my love of the people as always inspired me, it's a place that I have long wanted to visit. A few weeks ago I checked my general stats and was surprised when I saw that an enormous part of my readership are actually in New Zealand so I just wanted to join others from around the world and let you know that I am so very sorry and I am thinking of you. I have met many kiwi's in my life and they were strong and proud people, I have not doubt that you will take on this challenge will all your might.

There is not much I can do from where I sit now. We have family in Wellington and I have a few friends in Auckland and Dunedin. We knew a couple who lived an hour outside of Christchurch who we haven't been able to get hold of. We are praying that they are safe and well.

I will be keeping very close watch on this story. I truly wish all of you the best...


  1. after reading your blog, I went and goggled NZ news. The realizing it was an Earth Quake, I went and msg'd my buddy who lives there. To make sure he'd un-affected. The world(itself) is becoming very upset. *sigh*

    Thank you for visiting my page and for the comment. I was going to leave you a comment back, about the bunnies, but I will email it instead :)
    I hope your day is great!

  2. Hi Jaimie- lyn,
    Glad I could be of service! I hope your buddy is okay. Thankfully everyone we know except for two people live far away from Christchurch.

    Feel free to e-mail anytime for some bunnie- talk!

  3. Yep it is definitely really sad for Christchurch people and their families/friends. Thank God that all my friends/family down there are accounted for and have come through relatively unharmed...even though many worked in the CBD, they managed to escape their buildings thankfully.

    Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, there is an entire region who need God's love right now that's for sure.

  4. Hey Rebecca, what a relief it must be for you knowing that all your loved ones are safe and well. How tragic that this earthquake struck in at the busiest time of the day. I'm praying for many people to still be rescused alive...

  5. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved. Moments like this sure make me take stock of what's really important. I hope your friends are okay.

  6. I have been wondering what it would be like to have the home I live in right now flattened in less than a minute and then not knowing where my family was. All my friends and family lived outside of Christchurch. The couple that we knew in Christchurch had their home damaged but they are unharmed.