Sunday, February 13, 2011

The mystery of the missing kitty....

Late at night and all is not what it seems....

The appears to be a strange lump under my duvet...and it's moving!

Suddenly a furry face pops out

Mystery solved!!
My kitty is actually a BOY (I don't know much about kittens okay!) and I have named him.....
:) :) We took him to the animal welfare on Wednesday so he could have his shots. It is ridiculously expensive in South Africa to vaccinate an animal and we figured that maybe they could give us a break. Well, they were actually really pissy with us for bringing him there because they only vaccinate the animals of the disadvantaged for a hugely reduced fee. And as the lady pointed out to us "You don't exactly look disadvantaged" and she was right but my Mom didn't take very kindly to her bitchiness. She told her that things weren't always what they seemed and she announced that I lived with her, I was unemployed, I had been ill over the last four years and I had no money. Yeah....that made me feel like shite. In the end they agreed to vaccinate Milo and de- worm him. Unfortunately there was no vet there to check him out.

Milo is a bundle of energy. He reminds me of one of those wind up toys that just keep on going and going except he never stops. He will play with anything, even his own tail will keep him amused for hours. He has used his litter box from the very beginning and will climb two flights of stairs to take a nap in his basket in my room. We have had him for just 10 days but the change in him his huge and he grown immensely. He his very cuddlable but doesn't stay still for 2 seconds to let you cuddle him. I am actually not getting a whole lot of sleep at the moment because when it's time to go to bed he thinks it's time to play and he starts chewing on my hair and toes. Then he'll wake me up with a paw slap on the cheek at 6am to get his breakfast.

Anyway we are enjoying him. He has provided us with loads of laughs and lots of fun. You'll never get bored with a kitten around!

More pics ( hopefully one day I will get a camera other than my Blackberry...sorry for the crappy quality)

Spot the kitty....again. He gives us heart attacks when he climbs trees especially when he gets to the very thin top branches, but he always gets himself down.

An unusual place to sleep....

Fast asleep with his favorite toy :)

I can walk around with him perched on my shoulder like a parrot


  1. The pictures are really cute! It sounds like Milo is bringing some joy to your life, which is great. Good luck with the pet therapy!

  2. Cats can bring such joy into your life! Especially kittens!!! I remember when I had kittens and how much fun they were. I adore my cats that I have now as if they were my children. I think pets can be very helpful for people who live with mental illnesses. Some people even have trained therapy dogs to help them. I'm glad Milo has found a happy home.

  3. I loved this post Stephi! So cute! I had the same problems with the animal welfare when I approached them for their discount card for my kitties- however, when i told them that they had been abandoned and i was all that was standing between them and the streets and couldn't afford to spend the thousands they charge for vaccinations etc, they changed their tune...cause it would be a lot more expensive for them to take on the cats full time!

    Hope you enjoy Milo...the little furballs bring you such joy :)

  4. @ Depressed Reader- Yes, he is lots of fun and has me in stacks of laughter. He is a living spring!

    @Jen- It was suggested by my support group, my pscyhologist and my p. doc that I get a pet. I didn't for a long time because I was worried I wouldn't be able to care for it properly. But I am now grateful for the responsibility that it gives me. He keeps my spirits up:)

    @Foxy- That lady was a real b with an itch- I don't know why they don't have a grading system where you pay according to what you earn. Just because you earn more than R4000 doesn't mean you can afford R700 to vacinate a cat. They only softened up when I told them that they were planning shoot him when I found him and his mother and the rest of the litter were most likely dead.

    Glad you are also a "Cat Lady". We should organize play dates lol!!

  5. He's adorable.

    I remember many nights sleeping in my bed. I would move a foot slightly out of the covers and suddenly there would be claws imbedded in my foot. Any movement and the kitten would pounce. I know what you mean about night-time play. Ugh.

  6. Miss Robin- Both my feet are covered in scratch marks from the very same thing!

  7. AWWWW, Milo seems to be bringing you so much sunshine, Stephi. I love how kittens hide out. And wtf is wrong with the people not being happy about you wanting to get your baby shots? I mean more people need to be responsible pet owners and even if you're not "disadvantaged" enough compared to others, the whole purpose of having a pet is taking good care of them. Good for you that you're taking such good care of Milo and loving himself so much!

  8. Wendy- The animal welfare organisation in South Africa has had to close several branches countrywide because of lack of funding so I guess I can understand their strick policy and I did feel guilty but I was a little shocked at their attitude. All I wanted was the best for Milo by taking him for his shots and all we got from them was their snotty remarks....