Thursday, December 9, 2010

A girl named Jill and the warrior Susan

I love it when an event takes place to remind you that miracles do happen and makes you to believe again. This happened last night when a story that I have been following for years finally closed with the most beautiful and joyous ending. Whoever was reading my blog a few months ago may remember that I wrote a post about a girl called Jill McCloghry from the blog {Love}. Jill was having huge complications with her second pregnancy. She had already suffered one of the worst tragedies a person can go through but her grace and faith throughout it all was so remarkable and inspiring. is a great honor to announce that her little girl, Maizey Augustine was born on December 7th. I had been messing around on twitter last night and was about to close it down when I got a tweet along with a picture of the most gorgeous baby girl. It made my eyes tear up and had me grinning from ear to ear. What a pleasure it has been following this beautiful woman's journey.

I encourage you to go through Jill's blog and read some of her posts. If you have ever suffered a devastating loss, particularly that of a child or if you are on that often painful journey of waiting for a baby, Jill's writing will help you and bring you great comfort.

Unfortunately I also got some sad news a few days ago. I have followed dear Susan at If You Are Going Through Hell Keep Going since I started blogging. What this woman has been through for the sake of her health is unbelievable. She has to be one of the most courageous people I know. Her insight into the world of mental illness has always in helped me and comforted me.

Susan was rushed to hospital nearly three weeks ago with kidney failure. They believe this was caused either by the drug Nexium or Seroquel. She is now home again but the road to recovering will be a long hard one. Hearing this news was very hard as with any of us who suffers a mental illness it hits really close to home and I really do care for this lovely woman. God is bigger than everything she is going through right now and I believe he will still do mighty things through her.

Two wonderful ladies, two very different circumstances. Both of them give me hope.

I have decided to post "Stronger" being sung by Jill on the Hillsong Chapel album (she has done several recordings for Hillsong). I have really had this song on my heart for the past few days...have a listen.


  1. Hi, I have found your blog through someone elses. This is a truly beautiful song. I have been going through some pretty tough times the last month or so, but through a friend I have been reintroduced to God, and am seriously seeking strength from Him right now. It's exciting and scary! This song is just amazing and it is really touching me right now. Sending you virtual support and strength as you prepare to face some pretty tough days ahead. xx

  2. Hi Rebecca,

    Thanks for your comment. The song is something that speaks to my heart, especially on tough days. Another one you might like is "Believe" By Darlene Zschech.

    Keep faith Rebecca- God will see you through whatever you are facing. He has an amazing plan for you beyond anything you can imagine. I can understand when you say that it is exciting and scary- I spent many years as an unbeliever and many more before that being angry with God so I know the feeling!

    All the best to you x