Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm pregnant....

The father is either Luke Skywalker or Donald Duck...

Lady Gaga is my half cousin

I think George Bush is a hottie

And my cat can speak...three languages

If you haven't figured out that it is April Fools day by now you are square...

I have been able to pull off some good ones in my time. Probably the most dangerous one was when I called my mother from London and told her I got married to my boss. All it took was her saying, "I don't want to hear this" in a tone of voice that made me realise if I didn't end the joke right then and there it didn't matter that there was an entire continent between us the explosion would be huge.

I have been off my usual blogging topics lately. I apologise...honestly with all the new personal issues that I am having to face (and am not willing to discuss on this blog yet) I just haven't been up to it. But I am interested to see the response, if any, to this post!.

So if you have been majorly fooled today don't feel bad- just have a laugh, that's what it is all about!. I shall end with a link to my friend's blog where she tells the story of how she was duped by possibly one of the best April Fools I have managed to pull off. She took it really well and we are still friends to this day. If you are a soccer fan and support a particular team you will understand why this nearly broke her heart....
April Fools: San Siro burns down

P.S If you STILL thought I was serious by the time I got to George Bush not only are you square, you are also disturbed! :)


  1. Hehehe thanks for the laugh Stephi! Was in fits over imagining your mom's face when you told her the boss story...!!!

  2. LOL! I had to take a deep breath at first when I read your post title ; ) I actually pulled a pregnancy April Fool's Day prank long ago with my father and stepmother. They were not amused, lol...May this April Fools Day bring you a few giggles and just a little bit of mischief.

  3. You can blog about whatever you want; it's your world.

    Happy April Fool's Day. I hope it was a fun day for you.

    And I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers as you find your way through the difficult times in your life right now. You can do it!

  4. It's okay if you're pregnant by Donald Duck, and Luke Skywalker was kind of cute, but I'm really glac you were joking about the George Bush part!! My mom got me good. She called me Friday and said that an urgent call had come from someone looking for me at her house, and that it was probably a bill collector. So I immediately calld this long distance number, only to hear a goofy recording that said,"Hello! Welcome to the IDIOT'S ENTERTAINMENT LINE! IF YOU'RE HERE, YOU'RE AN IDIOT!!!! The longer you listen to this message, the bigger idiot you are!!"

  5. @Foxy You gotta know my mother is probably the most gullable person on earth, but man I was scared of the impending explosion of that one. Doesn't matter how far away you are from her she has this mystic ability of reaching through the phone and slapping you....

    @ Wendy Hahaha I can imagine you thoughtt you really had to pull out the advice bag for this one. I changed my status to "married" on Facebook on Friday....everyone immediately knew it was a jike...why is that? (".)

    @MissRobin, Thanks for the support as always Miss Robin. Hope you didn't get too duped :)

    @Jen If I had a choice between George Bush and Nick Cave...I'd ask George Bush to choose Nick Cave and let me go home. Lol!. Man, I would have been pissed phoning that idiot's hotline!. Think of a good one for your Mom next year:)

  6. Well, I believed it until I saw the cat spoke three languages. That I believe. Let's see.

    1. Cat (or meow)
    2. Human (they understand it, anyway)
    3. Cheezeburger.

    I just put you on the blogroll. Thank you for following me faithfully! ;-)

  7. You believed I thought George Bush was a hottie!!! That is just wrrrrong!!!!:) And lol Cheezeburger!

    Thank- you for putting me on your blogroll it is a great honor and it has been a pleasure (although sometimes heartbreaking)reading your blog over the past year.