Monday, March 21, 2011

Update on my baby Milo: A very weird story

Milo's tail is not broken just very bruised but unfortunately he has suffered a very bad break to his back fema and they will have to do surgery on him tomorrow to insert pins. They say that it is good that he is still very young because his bones are still soft and have better chance of healing normally.

The surgery alone will cost R2500 ( about 360USD ) and they require a 50% deposit before they even do the surgery. Hearing this news yesterday was like a death sentence....until my Mom and I get a job money has been quite tight and we just couldn't come up with that amount especially in such a short space of time so the only other alternative was to put him down which is what my Dad was lobbying for- he said he would not pay for surgery for a cat. My poor Mom burst into tears when I told her the news- she feels so responsible even though it is not her fault. She spent most of yesterday phoning around to all sorts of weird and wonderful places and foundations to see if we could get it done for less but that R2500 is WITH the animal welfare discount.

I became desperate- I was meant to be in bed but landed up laying on the floor next to my Mom as listening as each place she phoned turned us down. I actually felt nothing- something I can maybe contribute to the high dose of antidepressants I'm on, but my pain only got worse as the day wore on. I resolved that I was not going to let my cat die, I gathered up everything I had of value- my camcorder and camera printer my aunt gave me, my guitar I've had since I was a little girl, the gold charm bracelet my mother gave me for my 21st and was going to pawn them first thing this morning. I was even going to steal the 2nd microwave my Mom has. I told my Mom to phone back that bloody woman from animal welfare and tell her I would work for free to pay it off.

My Mom phoned her and spelled it out that we just did not have the money but we were not going to let our baby die so we were planning to pawn things and I would be willing to work for them. The woman did change her tune when she heard I was willing to work but she said it was not them I had to pay it was the vet.

This morning my Mom phoned this same woman back again...I don't know the details of the conversation  but she told my Mom she was willing pay for the surgery herself and we could pay her back. This is the same cow that snapped "This is not a free service" when I first brought Milo in. I don't know what the hell has gotten into her. All she told my Mom is that we didn't look like the sort of people that would "run". So the cow has turned out to be a night in shinning armour.

It gets even more....bizarre. My told her I was serious about volunteering ( I had been planning to even before Milo had his accident). My Mom also told her ( and I HATE it when she does this ) that I had been ill for a very long time. This woman then asked "Is it mental illness?" !!!! (Seriously do I have it tattooed across my forehead?!!). My Mom (bless her) told her I suffered from depression and an anxiety disorder but also the intercranial hypertension. It turns out this woman also suffers from severe depression and panic attacks. Honestly I don't know what to say...right now I am just grateful that my Milo will be okay.

I didn't post this yesterday because I didn't want it to seem like I was asking for money or anything. That is not, never has been nor never will be my intention with this blog. Granted I probably will still have to pawn all that stuff because there will be other expenses besides the surgery. Milo will  have his surgery tomorrow morning, this lady said that he has been in high spirits- eating, drinking and purring so that is a good sign. I will also be going back to hospital tomorrow to sort myself out. It's a holiday today for many countries- it's Human Rights Day here in South Africa. So by the time a lot of you read this Milo will hopefully be on the mend. Thanks to Wendy for the pet pray websites, I plan to put Milo's name on it.


  1. Wow, what a story, Stephi. It sounds like the angels stepped in for you and baby Milo. It's so wonderful how animals connect people together in the most beautiful ways. This woman at the Vet.s is giving you a wonderful gift, but YOU also touched a special place in her heart when your mother (bless her heart, lol..) was so open about your depression (I'd feel the same mixed way about my mother, if she did took the same actions. It's amazing and wonderful how everything turned out. I got this really strong feeling that you're supposed to be working with anmals, Stephi with your large and loving heart. I am so touched and happy to hear Milo's story. Sending you all, lots of purrs.

  2. I'm sorry all this is happening, and I hope Milo gets better really soon!

  3. It sounds like you have been incredibly blessed. I am so glad you were able to find a way to make this happen for your baby. You will continue to find your way through this, I'm sure.

    I hope you get some answers for your own health soon. I'm sorry everything is so difficult in your life right now. May the sun come out soon.

  4. Stephi I'm so glad to hear that you won't have to put your Milo down. I know exactly how devastating that can be. It's a pretty amazing story that has just unfolded here--that you found kindness and a silver lining from a woman that appeared less than sympathizing.

    Don't you just love parents telling your business to strangers! It makes me want to scream, "they don't need to know that!" But I also find it cool that she was able to understand and share the same about herself.

    I hope you do get to volunteer because I think it would be really good for you. You obviously have a deep affection for animals and I believe it could bring you great joy to help in that regard.

    Sending out less stress for you, a speedy recovery for your Milo, and hopefully a good rest. Let me think about some good music and I'll send you an email soon.

  5. Hi Stephi,
    Things sound hard, but it is great that the woman from animal welfare is prepared to help out. I guess there are rare occasions when being depressed is a benefit!

    The whole situation seems very stressful and expensive, but I hope that it leads you to a better place. Having someone, or something, depending on us can sometimes help or force us to get better. I really hope that Milo is this for you. Whatever else it has been, your life has definitely not been boring since he came into your life!

  6. Thanks so much for the support and words of encougrament everyone!. It is greatly appreicated :). I am seems like Milo will be bringing a lot of adventure into my life and I definately don't think this is the end this story...