Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Milo the trooper! Me the pooper!

I feel like I am over blogging this week but I just wanted to let everyone know that Milo had his surgery this morning and it went very well. He is awake, eating and trying to move around. Unfortunately he has to be kept absolutely still for 7 days in a cage. I have never seen him still for longer than 7 seconds and we don't own a cage so he will have to remain at the welfare for the rest of the week. We live half an hour away from the welfare so I actually haven't seen my baby boy since I brought him in on Saturday and I have this weird fear that he will have forgotten who I am already. I will be seeing him tomorrow though.

I didn't want to go into hospital today until I had heard about Milo and by the time we had, it was really to late to go. This might not have been very wise but I have been steadily losing faith in those people. Despite the tremendous pain I have had since my lumbar puncture/ spinal tap last Wednesday, I have also gone deaf in one ear and become exhausted by doing the simplest of tasks like making lunch!!. What a crime it is for a girl in her mid- twenties...who once lead the high life living in London, very active, social etc to have been reduced to this.  I f**king won't accept this!. What type of a life is this to live?. For those of you that are mothers you can only imagine what it has been like for my mother to watch this happen.

Thank- you again for all your support, it means the world to me :)


  1. Milo will NOT forget who you are, Stephi. Just remember that he was at a different place than your home and on medicine so he'll come home a little groggy and maybe hiding under the bed for a little while until he gets his bearings back. I know that when my girls have to go to the vet, they always come home a bit freaked out, which naturally freaks me out a little. But Milo is a young kitty so he'll recover quickly. I'm SO sorry that you're having to deal with such painful and traumatic med. issues. While Milo is resting up, be kind to yourself and get lots of rest too. Hugs to you and Milo.

  2. I have heard cats have good memories...you hear stories of cats going missing and then turning up at their owner's house two years later, having found their way home from somewhere. Milo is still very young and honestly it looked at us as though we were traitors after his accident!. Hopefully he's forgiven us for running him over.