Sunday, October 24, 2010

They're here! Welcome to rabbitland

I was finally able to bring my babies home today:

I've named this one Cornflower- I used to read Brian Jacques when I was younger and one of the characters was a mouse named Cornflower and I always liked it.

I haven't given this one a name yet I'm going to get to know her personality first- were going to get another one and discovered it was a boy. Since we wanted to avoid the boy/ girl pairing ( for obivious reasons) we decided to go with this one because apparently she is a girl- let's hope she stays that way.

I had a picture of them in a pot but I thought that would be to mean to post. My Dad scared the shit out of the lady that we got them from, asking her if she thought they would braai (barbaque) well. They were so small at the time her husband suggested we make put them on skewers to make kebabs. He and my Dad seem to get along well. Creepy.

Anyway I left my little fluffy bundles cleaning and cuddling each other in their box. Now I have the joyous task of potty- training them. Luckily they are very clean animals and are easier to train then dogs.

I have been reading some articles on Pet therapy (or Animal therapy) I would like to do a post on it once I have more information. Pet therapy is considered to be one of the main alternative therapies for depression. Animals are regconised as a postive force in the healing process. Physical contact helps distract a person from their daily troubles. Caring for a pet can bring about a sense of accomplishment and give a person new meaning to his/ her life. And of course the great love between most pets and their owners is a lifesaver.

Dogs are most commonly used in Pet therapy, but I made the decision that since I plan to travel back overseas after I graduate it wouldn't be fair on the dog to let it get to attached and it will be heartbreaking for me. Cats and rabbits are more independent. We are still planning on getting a kitten once we find one.

I can definately say that after spending some time cuddling my rabbits I did feel a lot happier, like I gained two new friends :).


  1. Good for you! I can tell that you're so happy with your new friends! :) I do wish I could have a cat or something, but that is not allowed in my apartment... Well, I still do have some people with whom I can interact through blogging like this. I love the pictures!

  2. Yep! I LOOOOVE them, they still seem to be a bit apprehensive of me though. I'm trying buy their love with food:)

  3. Awwwww - they are so freaking cute!!!!! I LOVE them!!! I want to hold them!!!

    You are so correct about pet therapy - I have two adorable cats that I love dearly - their unconditional love means the world to me. I've always wanted pets - and when I had my first real bad bout with depression that's when I got the first one - just looking at them puts a smile on my face! And yes - they are a lot easier to take care of - I'd love a dog - and one day I think I'll have one - but for now my two cats are a handful! :)

    Congrats to the new Momma! :)

  4. Thanks Christine! Like I've said they are very squeezable and I looooove holding them. But they keep on pooping in their food and water- guess I'm not that good at potty- training :/

  5. lol! Really!?? Pooping in their own food and water!?!?! That cracked up! Just put some diapers on them! :)