Thursday, August 19, 2010

Checking 1, 2, I mobile?

Just a test to see if mobile blogging works or if it's another
complicated waste of time. Since moving to our new house we have had
no internet. I haven't stopped writing, I have written tons of stuff
and am just contemplating what to post.

I wrote something in the wee hours of this morning in an effort to
calm my restlessness so sleep would come. I had every intention of
posting it until I re-read it & realised just how very personal it was
and that some people can take what I've written in completely the
wrong way. Something that I've decided not to do with this blog is
gossip or intentionally offload about somebody in my life. I do this
because I don't think it serves a purpose here. I realise that
sometimes, when trying to explain things it may be necessary to shed
light on my past and what happened to me but other than that it's a
big no no.

This post involves someone very close to me. We are no longer on
speaking terms and the fallout of our relationship has been so
devastating to me. I can't help but feel that by writing about her on
this blog- especially when she is unable to tell her side of the
story- is stabbing her in the back. But this whole thing has taken up
so much of my life in the past two months I feel that if I don't get
it off my chest I going to land up busting some head. I also am really
wanting someone out there to identify with me and hoping to get
assurance that it's going to be okay : )

So, I will go over it again, tweak it a bit until I feel that's ready
enough to go up her.

Till next time!

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