Friday, June 3, 2011

Milo- First six months on the blue planet

I don't know when exactly Milo was born but we are estimating that it was the end of December/ beginning of January this year. His mother had back to back litters in a hole under the farm workshop. I heard that the kittens from the litter before Milo's had suffered cruel fate which I won't go into. It seems that fate literally dropped him into our laps- how strange that we happened to be driving on the same road at the exact same time Milo's mother was carrying him across. We had actually meant to be home earlier that day but were delayed for some reason I can't remember. I was told to take him because they shoot stray cats on the farm where I live because they rent some of their land to an organic chicken farm. How anyone could shoot a kitten is beyond me and I became furious and told the farm manager that he was to bring any stray cats to me and I would take them to the SPCA. I threatened to lay charges and go to our local newspaper. I think he found that more funny than threatening but obviously I must of made an impression because he started to feed Milo's mother and her remaining kittens. As far as I know they are still hanging out at his house but they are feral and he plans to take them to the SPCA once he has tamed them.

We have also seen a cat that we are sure is Milo's father- he has exactly the same colouring. This cat has to be one of the most enormous cats I have ever seen. Comparing Milo with his siblings, he was almost twice their size. So this is going to be one BIG kitty that we'll have on our hands.

It's only once I looked at the photo's I have been taking of him over these past months that I realise now how much he has grown. When he started out his ears looked to big for his face. He is now going through what I hope is just a phase of being really aggressive- attacking people's  feet with no warning. It feels like we are disciplining a two year old.

Anyway, despite his stubbornness and tough-boy persona, I have really grown to love this silly kitty and I hope and pray he will be with us for many years to come. I have posted a whole big bunch of pics of Milo from when I first found him to how he is today.
Hours after I found him- a very scruffy and flea-bitten kitty (not a very flattering picture of my nose!)

He liked to cuddle and go to sleep when in the car

Keeping the kitty in the mirror company

He is alseep here! He fell asleep while licking his butt!!

Loves his favorite toy- a teddy I've had since I was born.

This may look cute but he attacked me seconds after this was taken.


Chewing on my nose

Back from the hospital and very scrawny and skinny, he's made up for it though!

Cats seem to be very specific on how they drink water

Lazy ass

"By standing in front of the computer screen, I'm sure I'll helping Mom study!"

Why are cats so weird?

"I love making a mess and watching Mom clean up YEAH!"

I'm I the only that finds it a little freaky that he insists on watching me bath?

"I've discovered the roof"

"Now if only I can discover how to get down!"


  1. He's absolutely adorable. It's easy to see why you love him so much.

  2. Oh Stephi, your post made me cry with how much love you have for your little boy and the obvious joy he brings you. You two are soul mates and you arrived for each other in the purrfect time..And I'm SO proud of you telling that farmer off and protecting kitties. The Goddess Bastet (look her up, if you don't know who she is) will bless you many times over.

    One of my kitties, Sele also loves to drink in the bathtub. I read that cats early ancestors, drank from running water, like in streams, waterfalls, etc...and some modern cats have that DNA memory in them from their early predecessors. I used to laugh at Sele when she wanted to drink from a bathtub and she would look at me, like I was the one who was nuts.

    Milo is one of the sweetest and cutest babies I've ever seen and my Bast bless you both and protect both of you and grant you many long years together full of happiness, health and snuggles.

  3. What a cutie!!! He looks like a very happy boy:)

  4. @ Running: He thinks he's too old and "cool" for hugs and kisses now lol!

    @ Wendy very interesting what you said about cats once drinking from waterfalls!. I just discovered tonight that Milo likes to drink from the top of our broken toilet which has the lid off at the moment ugh!!.

    @ Melissa He is one spoilt furball :)