Monday, January 17, 2011

Me gots a blog award!

My dear friend, Wendy and her girls over at Year of the Cats have awarded me with a "Stylish Blog Award"! *blink* blink* blush*. Now it may only be January but this has made my YEAR!. It had me grinning from ear to ear and I actually went to get my Mom (who had just gone to bed) to show her. Thank- you so much Wendy! This was so special and I'm touched that you have honored my blog:).

I found Wendy over at Takashi's blog and her sincere and compassionate advice- never being afraid to go against the tide- made my want to be her friend. She blogs about her two beautiful kitties, Sele and Bella, her life as a Wiccan and being Bipolar. For me visiting her blog is like visiting a gift shop everything is so colourful and diverse and I always feel like I come away with something special. Her writing so beautiful and has had me both laughing my head off and in tears.

I'm going to copy Wendy's tradition as a recipient of a blog award and tell you seven interesting things about myself:

1. Despite being incredibly SHY I have won several awards and competitions for public- speaking

2. I am a descendant of both Captain James Cook and Stonewall Jackson and on Dad's side my great great grandmother was a Cherokee Indian.

3. I have lived in three countries: I was born in Texas, USA, my parents emigrated to South Africa when I was 18 months old (my Mom is South African). I went to live in London, UK when I was 20 for 2 years and then spent 18 months in America. I am now back in South Africa. Phew.

4. I speak two languages, English and Afrikaans and am currently learning Japanese. I plan to learn Spanish in the future.

5. I am a redhead- a bit strange because both my parents had black hair. My sister is blonde.

6. I am doing a degree in Industrial Psychology and Communication Science.

7. I think snakes are cute ( I don't own any though!).

And that's it. For now I am going to hold on passing this award to anyone else- this is because I only follow a few blogs and love them all so I honestly don't know which one to choose and choosing them all would feel a bit insincere.

The topic of this blog is Mental illness- particularly depression. I am aware that it's a topic that makes a lot of people feel uncomfortable. I write on two ends of the scale. I'll write posts like the one before this that is dark and then I will write posts that are funny too. And I don't always write about Mental illness either.

Anyway thanks again Wendy and thanks for reading!.


  1. Congratulations Stephi!!!

    I actually read Wendy's post last night and saw that she picked you! You deserve it! I absolutely LOVE your blog! Both YOU and Wendy deserve the awards given...That's the thing about your blog (and hers) is that even though the main reason for the blog is in regards to mental illness, you DO blog about other things in your life and that's what makes it great! Congrats again!

    Christine :)

  2. Oh Stephi, you are such a goddess ;) I am so glad I made you happy with the award. You have such a depth of heart and so much to share. I am fascinated with your ancestry and hope you share more about it. Are you drawn to the N. American spirituality at all? I've spend quite a lot of time on some reservations here in the U.S. although never have I really known Cherokee's. I have read a lot about them though and they were a matriarchal clan. You said such kind things about me and my blog, thank YOU so much, Stephi.

  3. Thanks Christine! It's great to have a fan like you! Lol!

    I was actually a little worried that diverting now and then from my main blog topic would put people off. But then a realised that focusing on my depression all the time was not good and I live in a part of the world where there are serious issues and a lot happening.

    I'm glad you like it! :)

  4. Hey Wendy!

    It's a pleasure and everything I said is honest and from the heart:)

    No one knows much about my great great grandmother- I only found out about this a few years ago when my Dad casually dropped it into a conversation!. My Uncle had a portrait of her- I thought she was very beautiful. You'd never guess my ancestry by my appearance- like I said I'm a redhead with blue eyes and pale skin- seems like the Scottish genes won!

    As far as I know the Cherokee Indians believed in multiple dieties. They whorshipped animals like the great horned serpent, dogs, some snake, hawkes...I THINK squrriels and BUNNIES:). Every facite and object in their lives had spiritual power and meaning. I don't believe in any of this but it but I do think they held some sort of supernatural power that was not well understood. It upset me how people seemed to view them in the US. I got very protective.

    I think it's very sad that they are considered to be a dying breed. I considered doing my Masters on this topic.